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A revolution is coming to your plate! Meat harvested directly from animal cells, without the need to raise and slaughter animals is changing how we think about food. Don’t miss our virtual and free panels. Hear from some of the world’s leading influencers as they offer diverse and insightful perspectives on the birth of the cultivated meat industry. Registered attendees will be gifted with a sneak-peek screening of the award-winning documentary Meat the Future, including a live intro to the film by director Liz Marshall.

Hailed as one of the biggest ideas of the last century, is cultivated meat a silver bullet?
By 2050 there will be 10 billion people on our planet, and meat demand is expected to double. Research indicates that cultivated beef is estimated, at scale, to reduce land use by more than 95%, climate change emissions by 74% to 87%, and nutrient pollution by 94%. 

In celebration of Earth Month in April, and to highlight the need for viable solutions to the climate emergency, LizMars Productions invites you to Imagine a Sustainable Climate Future, a panel which convenes respected environmental influencers across North America. 

Moderated by Liz Marshall, Writer, Director, Producer of Meat the Future, panelists will discuss the environmental impacts of conventionally produced animal agriculture, and the potential game-changing benefits of producing cultivated meat at scale. Hear from Bruce Friedrich, the Founder and CEO of The Good Food Institute, a nonprofit working internationally to accelerate alternative protein innovation, to mitigate the environmental impact of our food system, and ultimately feed more people with fewer resources. Anna Rathmann is the Executive Director of The Jane Goodall Institute, a global community-led conservation, research, advocacy, and youth empowerment organization, founded by Dr. Jane Goodall. Lou Cooperhouse is the President and CEO of BlueNalu, a leading cultivated seafood company with a mission to support the sustainability and diversity of our oceans. Nicholas Carter, an Ecologist and Environmental Researcher focused on the scientific links between agriculture and planetary health, is the Co-Founder of Plant Based Data

We shall escape the absurdity of growing a whole chicken in order to eat the breast or wing, by growing these parts separately under a suitable medium." - Winston Churchill, 1931. 

Moderated by media interviewer and celebrity George Stroumboulopoulos, this panel convenes some of the world’s top pioneers from America to the Netherlands, as they de-mystify one of the biggest ideas of the last century. 

LizMars Productions Inc. the team behind the award-winning documentary Meat the Future, invites you to this timely panel, to introduce the public to the origin story of cultivated meat (also known as clean meat, cultured meat, and cell-based meat.) Currently, more than 70 startups around the globe are hard at work, aspiring to build a sustainable and humane new food system as a solution to conventional animal agriculture. But what is it exactly, and where does the idea come from?

Ira van Eelan is the daughter of Willem van Eelan, the late Dutch researcher who pioneered the development of cultivated meat and is known as the Godfather of the movement. Continuing in his legacy, Ira is the co-founder and CEO of Kind Earth Tech. Dr. Uma Valeti is a Mayo Clinic-trained cardiologist turned CEO and entrepreneur. In 2015 he co-founded Memphis Meats (rebranded as Upside Foods,) the world’s largest cultivated meat company, featured in Meat the Future. Isha Datar has been pioneering the field of cellular agriculture for the past decade. She’s the Executive Director of New Harvest, a research institute advancing the science behind cultivated meat. Jessica Almy is the Vice President of Policy for The Good Food Institute, leading GFI’s Policy team in setting legislative and regulatory strategy to promote fair policies and public research for cultivated meat. 

Harvard Animal Law & Policy Program invites you to a live and recorded panel discussion, which convenes some of America's top experts to survey the food regulatory landscape for cultivated meat products. Panelists will discuss the history and latest developments, identify potential pathways forward, and highlight the challenges. Topics will include food safety regulation by the FDA, USDA labeling requirements, and the myriad state legislative attempts to restrict the marketing of alternative proteins.

Deepti Kulkarni is an attorney who represents several cellular agriculture companies as a Partner at Sidley Austin, Eric Schulze is a scientist and VP at the world’s largest cultivated meat company, Upside Foods, where he oversees regulatory affairs and federal policy, and Kelley McGill represents The Good Food Institute on Capitol Hill and in front of Executive Branch agencies as their Senior Legislative Specialist.

CULTIVATED MEAT :  When Will It Hit Shelves?  will be moderated by Chris Green, the Executive Director of the Brooks McCormick Jr. Animal Law & Policy Program at Harvard Law School who has led some of the Program and Clinic’s work on these issues.

SOSV IndieBio and The Redford Center invite you to join a live and recorded panel discussion with Meat the Future filmmaker Liz Marshall and Dr. Uma Valeti, the founder and CEO of Upside Foods (formerly known as Memphis Meats) and the main subject of the documentary. Joining the conversation will be Po Bronson, Managing Director of SOSV’s IndieBio, the startup development program where Dr. Valeti started his quest. Journalist Amanda Little, author of “The Fate of Food,” will moderate the panel.

The panelists will discuss Marshall’s film, the remarkable progress of Upside Foods, and prospects for the alternative proteins market. The event is live and will take place on the Hopin virtual event platform.

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