A sampling of Meat the Future’s Press

One Green Planet  “New Documentary Shows Why The Future Of Meat Won’t Include Animals – And How It Can Be Done” By Veronica Chavez (Oct 2016)

Veg News “New Documentary Highlights Lab-Grown “Clean” Meat” By Anna Starostinetskaya (Oct 2016)

New Hope Network  “New Film Chronicles Path To Clean, Cultured Meat”  By Jenna Blumenfeld (Oct 2016)

Clearly Veg  “New Documentary Focuses On Cultured Meat”  By Lena Tachdjian (Oct 2016)

Vox  “I Love Meat. But These New “Bleeding” Veggie Burgers Convinced Me To Give It Up For Good” By Nick Pachelli (Dec 2016)

Our Hen House  “Social Psychologist Jared Piazza, and Filmmaker Liz Marshall” [Audio] By Jasmine Singer (Dec 2016)

Plant Based News  “As Lab Meat Row Rages On: Watch The Trailer for 2019 Memphis Meats Documentary”  By Maria Chiorando (Sept 2017)

Animal Voices  “Meat The Future with Filmmaker Liz Marshall”  By Jen Dobell (Mar 2017)

Care2  “5 Inspiring New Films That Will Change The Way We Eat” By Alicia Graef (May 2017)

Humane Decisions “Meat The Future, How One Company Is Disrupting Conventional Meat Production” By Jennie Richards (June 2017)